“I have completed the Diploma in Spa Therapy from Euro Chroma. The course was taught in a professional environment and would help me in my professional endeavours.”

Surya Kumar Shrivastva

Dec 2017


“I am extremely happy that I joined the courses here; especially thrilled about the modular system of delivering courses. I really liked the counselling session; all my questions were answered and it helped me in choosing the courses suited to my learning needs.

Rani Sharma

Dec 2017


“All the teachers are terrific. I was supported all along at Euro Chroma in my quest for gaining makeup knowledge. Everything is explained properly. Equality is maintained among all students!”


Nov 2017


“I feel obliged and lucky to be a part of this institute. The day I entered this place, I never imagined that my experience would be this much informative. I had only heard from people that this is one of the best institutes to learn makeup; but after experiencing it firsthand, I can vouch for that. Our faculty taught me many things; not only makeup, but it was a lifetime lesson. I am thankful for this “wonderful experience.”

Priyal Chauhan

Nov 2017


Euro Chroma is the best institute for students interested in Makeup. The teachers guide the students fabulously. Even the smallest of concepts are taught in much detail. I really enjoyed learning here.”


Oct 2017

13_Shail Bansal

“Teachers are very good. Methods are very good and all things are very hygienic. All the staff is extremely cooperative. My experience here is excellent.”

Shail Bansal

Oct 2017

12_Riya Vijay Wargia

“It is the best institute. Teachers are truly brilliant. They put their full effort in teaching the students and correcting their errors in techniques in all practice sessions.”

Riya Vijay Wargia

Oct 2017

11_Pooja Bhatia

Euro Chroma Institute of Cosmetology is the best institute in Professional Makeup. The faculty is outstanding. I am blessed that I became a part of this institute.”

Pooja Bhatia

Sep 2017


“I feel very good to be a part of this institute. All concepts are taught in great detail. Everyone in this institute is extremely nice. I love this institute!”


Sep 2017

9_Shivali Sikka

“The institute’s ambience is very good and proper hygiene is maintained. Faculty is very cooperative. The course is beautifully divided into 1-week modules, and we are given ample time for practice. The institute officials are open to suggestions. We can ask our teachers to repeat concepts as many times until we grasp them properly. Learning here is a good experience, and I’ll definitely be doing more courses from here in the future.”

Shivali Sikka

Sep 2017

8_Anita Jaiswal

The atmosphere is very cooperative among students and faculty. Avik sir and Ankita ma’am are best teachers; they teach very sweetly and politely. I am proud to be a student of ECIC.”

Anita Jaiswal

Sep 2017

7_Ankit Sharma

“I had a great experience at ECIC. All teachers have wonderful teaching techniques. The overall staff is helpful as well. I love Euro Chroma Institute of Cosmetology!

Ankit Sharma

Aug 2017

6_Prerna Walia

“It was a very nice experience and teaching techniques are excellent. The staff here is amazing and friendly too. I love to come here everyday!

Prerna Walia

Jul 2017

5_Shahnaz Rais

The best is that I get to learn something new here everyday. The classes are very engaging and interesting. The teachers are very helpful, especially Avik sir and Ankita ma’am. I got an opportunity to improve myself in using brushes and learn various techniques used in makeup; got to learn makeup application techniques on different skin types. The atmosphere is amazing wherein faculty and all students help each other in improving upon their skills.”

Shahnaz Rais

Jul 2017

4_Kirty Solanki

The staff here is extremely polite and careful. Each and every concept taught to us is explained in great detail. After attending the course here, I feel that I have gained self-confidence in my makeup skills. And the biggest plus point is that we can ask anything as many times and the teachers explain those patiently.”

Kirty Solanki

Jun 2017

3_Ananyakreeti Gupta

“Learning here was an amazing experience. The teaching staff is excellent and friendly. The ambience is pleasant too. I loved learning here!

Ananyakreeti Gupta

Jun 2017

2_Himanshu Pasi

I am glad to share my thoughts about Euro Chroma Institute of Cosmetology. The learning experience was amazing. The atmosphere here is friendly and teachers are helpful. I love learning here!”

Himanshu Pasi

Jun 2017

1_Pooja Bhardwaj

“I am very happy to come here for learning makeup. Teachers are excellent and I’m satisfied with the course. I look forward to doing more courses from here in the future.

Pooja Bhardwaj

May 2017


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