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Euro Chroma Institute of Cosmetology (ECIC) offers Award, Certificate and Diploma courses primarily in five professional schools namely Makeup, Beauty & Skincare, Spa & Wellness, Nail Design and Hairdressing. ECIC’s emphasis on hands-on training complements their flexible and module-based, industry-oriented, outcome-focused curriculum specially designed for training linked to jobs, as well as employability in the Beauty & Wellness sector.

CERTIFICATE: In general, the Certificate courses signify a basic level of competency, and are taken up by individuals aiming to pursue a career in the Beauty & Wellness industry.

DIPLOMA: In general, the Diploma courses signify an advance level of competency, and are taken up by individuals aiming to upgrade their professional skills and take their career to the next level.

AWARD: The highlight of the curriculum is its flexible, module-based design. Both the Certificate and Diploma courses are divided into 1-week modules, called Award courses, which can be taken up separately according to the needs of the student.

All products required for training and technical knowledge matter (e.g., books) are included in the course fees. With sheer commitment and dedication, the institute provides training with leading international house brands only.

Professional Makeup

Explore the Certificate in Professional Makeup and Diploma in Professional Makeup

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Beauty & Skincare

Explore the Certificate in Beauty Culture and Diploma in Beauty Culture

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Our Hairdressing Courses are COMING SOON

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Spa _ Wellness

Spa & Wellness

Explore the Diploma in Western Spa Therapy and Diploma in Oriental Spa Therapy

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Nail Design

Explore the Certificate in Nail Enhancement and Diploma in Nail Enhancement

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