Nail Design

Nail Art Courses

The highlight of Euro Chroma Institute of Cosmetology’s (ECIC) curriculum is its flexible, module-based design. In general, the Certificate courses signify a basic level and the Diploma courses signify an advance level of competency. Both the Certificate and Diploma courses are divided into 1-week modules, called Award courses, which can be taken up separately according to the needs of the student. All products required for training and technical knowledge matter (e.g., books) are included in the course fees.

CERTIFICATE IN NAIL ENHANCEMENT is a 2 weeks course. It is conducted 6 days per week, 6 hours per day. It comprises modules such as Gel Nail Sculpting, Acrylic Nail Sculpting, and Nail Art & Design.

DIPLOMA IN NAIL ENHANCEMENT is a 1-week course. It is conducted 6 hours per day. It comprises topics such as Lower & Upper Form Acrylic Extension, 2D/ 3D Design Nail Extension, Chrome Nail Design, Airbrush Nail Design, etc.

C500: CERTIFICATE IN NAIL ENHANCEMENT(Duration: 2 Weeks / 72 Hours)

C501: Gel Nail Sculpting(Duration: 6 Days / 36 Hours)

  • Nail Structure & Tools
  • Classic Extension with Tip
  • French Extension with Tip
  • French Extension with UV Gel
  • Natural Nail Overlay
  • Gel Polish Application
  • Toe Nail Gel Extension
  • Lower Form Gel Extension
  • Infilling & Removal of Gel Extension

C502: Acrylic Nail Sculpting(Duration: 4 Days / 24 Hours)

  • Nail Structure & Tools
  • Acrylic Extension with Tip
  • French Extension with Tip
  • Toe Nail Acrylic Extension
  • Infilling & Removal of Acrylic Extension

C503: Nail Art & Design(Duration: 2 Days / 12 Hours)

  • Nail Structure & Tools
  • Adhesive Nail Extension
  • French Nail Painting & Art
  • Nail Paint Application Techniques
  • Nail Art with Paint
  • Nail Design with Flower 3D & Tattoo
  • Nail Design with Foil, Color Thread & Needle
  • Water Marbling Nail Design
  • Nail Art with Glitter, Myler & Swarovski
  • Nail Piercing

D550: DIPLOMA IN NAIL ENHANCEMENT(Duration: 1 Week / 36 Hours)

D550: Diploma in Nail Enhancement(Duration: 1 Week / 36 Hours)

  • Nail Science & Tools
  • Lower Form Acrylic Extension
  • Acrylic French Extension with Pink/ White Powder
  • Upper Form Acrylic Extension with Inbuilt Design
  • 2D/ 3D Design Nail Extension
  • French Extension with Mist Pink/ Frozen White Gel
  • Infilling, Rebalancing & Removal Techniques
  • Nail Design with Metallic Strips
  • Nail Design with Needle Art
  • Chrome Nail Design
  • Nail Art with Gel Polish
  • Airbrush Nail Design


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